1. When was Savvycom founded?

Savvycom was founded in 2009.

2. Who were the founders?

Savvycom was founded by CEO Van Dang and a team of passionate engineers.

3. What are Savvycom’s greatest achievements?

We are the Most Trusted App Developer and Tech Co-founder in Vietnam, and are among Top 10 Contenders out of the Top 25 IT Outsourcing Companies. Our CEO has been featured on Forbes’ List of Top 15 Global Leaders to Watch.

4. What are your specializations?

We help market, scale and improve your app idea, effectively acting as an extended CTO. We specialize in web and mobile application development. Not only offering full services of web, cloud & mobile application development, we have been concentrating on delivering smart IT solutions which renders turnkey IT services for all client types.

5. How many customers do you have?

We have more than 50 international clients in a variety of industries, such as E-commerce, IoT, Healthcare, Education, Field Solution.

6. How many apps have you developed?

Till now, Savvycom has successfully delivered over 300 premium mobile apps for our clients across different sectors.

7. What is your working model?

We normally approach our projects with two working models: fixed-cost model or time & materials (T&M) model.
Fixed-cost model means the expenses are not changed. This model is used when when you have clear features/functionalities and is safe for the budget, provided there are no major changes.
T&M model is used when expenses are paid according to the development time and the required materials. This model allows you to pay us depending on our expertise and our available time for the project.

8. What is your team model?

We have a flexible team-based working environment, where we only have leaders, not bosses. We work together and assist each other towards accomplishing the same common goal regardless of different team roles.

9. What’s the common duration of a project?

Typically a project’s duration is 3-4 months.

10. What are your policies regarding product maintainability?

The period of warranty for our products range from 3 months to one year from the delivery date. During that period, any product defects shall be addressed and fixed immediately.

11. Which platforms do you support?

We support Web and mobile platforms with iOS and Android. We build applications for iOS and Android. For the Web platform, we specialize in both front-end development with JavaScript and HTML, and back-end development with Python and .PHP to provide Web solutions and Testing services.

12. Does your customer service also offer technical support?

Yes. We provide technical assistance to clients experiencing issues regarding our products. Our tech support is done by a team of consultants and making clients satisfied with our products is our top priority.